Dear colleagues.

The scientific committee thanks all participants of the Endo Olympics. 
Who sent all the works to competitive selection free registration for «IEEF 2018» was provided. We submit yours to attention the list of winners and finalists of the Endo Olympics 2018.
I Place - Ekaterina Tikhomirova  «Diagnosis of a rare case of hidden blood loss»
Prize - Trip to Düsseldorf to the 21st symposium for endoscopists
II Place - Vladimir Kryazhov «Clinical case of radical endoscopic treatment of squamous esofageal cancer»
Prize -Trip to St. Petersburg to «Topical issues of endoscopy of 2019»
III Place - Sergey Gabriel «Cholelithiasis. Cholecystoduodenal fistula. High small bowel obstruction»
Special prize from the General sponsor of «IEEF 2018» of the OLYMPUS company
We thanks finalists of the Endo Olympics 2018:
1. Gennady Balitskiy «Invagination of the blind end of the intestine loop into the lumen of the anastomosing jejunum and stomach stump after pancreato-duodenal resection»
2. Dariya Bakhtiozina «Laser lithotripsy of large common bile duct stone with the use of SpyGlass DS»
3. Uliana Drozd «RFA of Barrett`s esophagus»
4. Victoria Zalesova «Foreign bodies of the rectum»
5. Sultanvek Ibragimov «Stenosis of the jejunum segment in a 15-year-old girl with Crohn's disease»
6. Olga Ivinskaya «Rare case of injury to the esophagus with the formation of the esophago-gastric false path»
7. Vladislav Legostaev «Endoscopic treatment of a patient with a gastrointestinal-pleural fistula after resection of the esophagus by Lewis»
8. Alexey Likutov «Clinical case of removal of lipoma of the ileocecal valve by ESD»
9. Maxim Lokhmatov «Installation of puncture transcutaneous low-profile gastrostomy under endoscopic control for a child with cerebral palsy»
10. Ksenia Mersaidova «Hybrid lapar-endoscopic intervention (Rendezvous technique) with cholecystocholedocholithiasis»
11. Alexandra Sannikova «A rare clinical case: a hamartoma of the stomach»
12. Iliya Yurichev «Pancreatic lymphoma: endoscopic diagnosis and treatment»